The identification of success change the way disabled people in society. Accordingly, to ensure they do not appreciate people with disabilities find laudable. And accessible by all persons with disabilities to demonstrate their awareness of their families.
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We JUST HAVE TO SUCCESS as the third child of the family in Ankara IMPOSSIBLE takes some time I was born on August 3, 1967. What is difficult for many children was impossible for me. But at that age, I decided on something that would be impossible for any life that connects me to my feet ... not, will I be with my hopes. My parents gave me life to accustom themselves in my brother a disabled child was born January 26, 1969 while trying to grow Levent. Due to the consanguineous marriage of my mother and my father he was born in Levent disabled like me. Levent we always cling to each other, that who could understand us better than we do ... I've always been very curious one. Everything should be researched, I had to learn. The world was huge and I had to know the world. Self it should not prevent it. And I've decided! You should go to school and I had to learn to read PRINT. At first, I went to a school near our home. But at that time it was not easy. Nor is it a means to get what he took me to a school such as a wheelchair now. Mom look at two disabled children and also to take care of my sister and my brother older than us, my father had to also provide for the house, of course. Then we decided to become a home teacher. I learned this way, literacy and math even know. My horizons began to expand. I was becoming aware that what is happening in the world now. I could understand, at least in my father's accounting related jobs. This we can achieve impossible for me and my family at that time was a proof. I confine myself to never home. I went out with the help of my close ties my life I touch. In 1983 I became interested in technology. I met with a PC thanks to my uncle. At that time more than computer technology it was new to Turkey. My uncle brought me to England in Xinjiang from the first computer brand. I learned very quickly again and Dbase BASIC program with the help of a teacher. Then I developed my own efforts PASCAL6 the computer language. After I began to socialize more into my computer life. I've done a lot of computer programs have been published in magazines. Over time Photoshop, Microsoft Front Page and I learned a lot more programs. I'm still a great effort in trying to follow closely all innovations. In 1994, after the computer 'my feet' I've also got my wheelchair. After that one would not have to carry me, I began to wander freely inside the house. Later, in the garden of our house, the streets of Ankara, Marmaris ... Of course, life is full of pain and sweet surprise. Playing Tetris, and important dates to memorize a lot of patience cube lovers, drinking tea in a teapot day he lost his brother Levent life in September 2006. Before it came very hard absence. The same troubles, the same house for 40 years never leave us ... we share the same fate. He really happening when everything medicine. The important thing is to love life and to sever ties. Thanks to this website many disabled friend as to not break my life, I wanted to show them to mind their bodies hit the barrier wrapped tightly to life. We have a certain goal we came into this world. For example, thanks to me around me a lot of people have learned to use the computer. He also noted that a special day ... no thanks Levent
"IMPOSSIBLE some time AL"
or the fact that I also never tell the truth.
Levent died after a while we continued our old life. But my mother was not as strong as before. For him to see me as well, and we need someone to help my mother. We have searched and found such a woman. We used to live in a lift. So he can not go despite not want to go outside, it just impossible for me to go out. We thought that we should lift for a housewarming. In 2008 we moved into a house with a lift now my family and I were very happy. I can not tell the people how much you can get out at any time is a good feeling. It was a nice feeling to know that so I understand that completely go out and do different things. What a beautiful thing to be completely free. Our house was like we were made for the disabled, we even had a ramp to the front of the house. Which is nice to think that they like me so much ... Now I and those like me, we could go out freely without any difficulty. In the past at eye level with switches, it can reach new heights in our house was a 5 year old child.
That means there's a time for everything ...
There are some stories, it integrates with their people, and aims. He tells the story about my goal starfish below. Contact lovingly hand in hand to help each other and to cling to life, a life of love ... earnestly persist.
There was an enlightened man to the ocean shore to write once writings. Before starting work, he took a walk on the beach. A day at the beach saw the silhouette of a man who looked toward the dance movements such as walking down the beach. One day he starts to dance and smile, thinking that would be the ability to accelerate steps to catch up with him. The closer he saw it was a young man and dancing. Running a few steps, taking something from the floor and he throws soft motion toward the ocean. He was called by a little closer:
- Good Morning. What are you doing?
The young man stopped, looked up and he replied:
- Throwing starfish into the ocean.
- I guess I should have asked, said the wise man. Why are you throwing starfish into the ocean?
- The sun had already risen, and water is drawn. If you are going to die if I do not throw them into the water.
- But boy, can not you see that there are many miles up and down the coast and filled with starfish. It never noticed anything.
The young man listened politely, have taken a more leaning towards the sea starfish and threw rippling.
- I noticed that.
There are thousands of people with disabilities in the world, such as sea stars in this story. We're different from other people. It should provide a single self-esteem and we need to help each other. Thanks to this site if I can help a disabled friend like me 'was noticed for his' I can say.
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I. Being Human is an important virtue of all ...